On the shore of the Burlington Beach Canal resides the Foot Tools Outdoor Training Facility. Here, fitness fanatic and Foot Tools owner, John Lawson, leads a vast variety of unique running and weight workouts.  Take advantage of the urban setting and train on various terrains including sand and gravel.

In the short period the facility has been open, it has been widely popular.  “Second Wind Conditioning” and Patte Beltrame’s “Big Picture” training groups occasionally use the grounds for their strength and conditioning workouts.  Home to Foot Tools and Tread Powerfully 5km Fitness Challenges, the Outdoor Training Facility offers a fun and exciting way to train.

Currently, John is offering training sessions Tuesdays at 6:30pm.  Tuesdays entail either longer interval workout or weights and strength training.  All are welcome!  Contact John Lawson with any questions or if interested!

Are you interested in renting the facility as a meeting place or workout center?  Contact Paula Desjardins at paula@foottools.ca.  Rates are $30 up to 4 hours, $50 for full day.  The facility includes a full working kitchen with washroom and a changing area.  There is a living room/front room which can accommodate small groups for indoor use, up to 6 people maximum for workout/stretching.  There is also a small room upstairs which can be used for stretching.  Please check back for more photos.

Palette pulling along the bike path

Tire slamming at the Beach House

Stretching it out at the Beach House

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