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Saucony Uplift HJ

Saucony Uplift HJ

By Brianne, Foot Tools staffer

Heads up, Precision fans – Mizuno is saying good-bye to their popular lightweight neutral Wave Precision.  In July, Mizuno will unveil the Wave Sayonara, a go-fast, high performance shoe that is even lighter (8.1 ounces for men; 7.1 for women) than either the Precision or Elixir, but still has exceptional cushioning and just the right amount of support.

Men's Sayonara

Men’s Wave Sayonara

A sneak peek report from reads, “the Wave Sayonara is a serious contender amongst runners, and should do a lot to ease your pain of having to say goodbye to the Wave Precision. With a design to match, the Sayonara’s main feature is a new midsole technology, dubbed U4ic, which is 30% lighter than the current midsole compound used in Mizuno running sneakers. The Sayonara has been given a 10mm drop, a slight decrease from traditional Mizunos. If you didn’t figure it out by the name, the shoe will be well-cushioned thanks to Mizuno’s trademark Wave cushioning system.”

Women's Wave Sayonara

Women’s Wave Sayonara

For those who are die-hard Precision fans, you may like the new feeling of the Sayonara.  For those not ready, we still have Precisions in stock, but may not be able to special order your size if it is sold out in-store. Those needing a replacement now might consider Saucony’s Ride 5, Mizuno’s Wave Elixir, or Asics’ DS Trainer.  Understand that there may be heel drop variations in other shoes; also, Saucony’s Progrid Ride 5 is not considered a lightweight trainer, but definitely can compete with the cushioned feel most runners are used to with the Wave Precision and is a nice, lightweight go-to neutral running shoe with an 8mm heel drop.  The Wave Elixir and DS Trainer offer mild posting for support, but are both lightweight trainers with comparable features.

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Micro Stir Fry

January 29, 2013

By John, Foot Tools Owner

How many of us buy that nice bunch of Kale then a week later there it sits all wilted in the fridge? We all have good intentions to eat more veggies, yet we cook up those eggs, bake that chicken and run out of time to prepare the vegetable. Also many feel veggies are for lunch and dinner. Where did that come from?

Here’s what you can try: grab your favourite fry pan and throw in some coconut oil. Open your fridge to see what’s in there.  Hopefully you have some onion – start with that and that lone carrot; cut some of that (the thinner the better).  Take that new bunch of broccoli and cut off some flowerettes and throw them in.  Got a wilted piece of cabbage? Go for it.  Do you understand what I’m saying?  Keep it simple and be creative; use what you have and keep it under 15 minutes.  Making healthy choices doesn’t have to be complicated.

Random veggies from John's fridge.

Random veggies from John’s fridge.

By John, Foot Tools Owner

This is a good time to set training objectives for the New Year.  Keep these two things in mind when setting objectives:

1. Available time. Training should not be another stress in our lives.  I see too many people who set unrealistic training goals, considering their many other responsibilities.  Take a hard honest look at how much time you can commit to your training.  Remember you aren’t training for the Olympics; keep it tight and strive to be refreshed after your work outs.  The good news is you can obtain a high fitness level in as little as 20 minutes of focused exercise per day.

2. Consistency.  It is sad to see the all or nothing crew.  They train hard for a period of time then things come up and they stop their training.  They switch programs, coaches and gyms.  They make some fitness gains only to lose them and end up back at ground zero. The most important thing is to get into a consistent, attainable program where you train 3-6 days per week.  Some days may be only 15 minutes and others approximately an hour. When you get into the habit of daily training you pick up momentum and good things start to happen.  We need to be flexible with our work out time; some days we may have to do an easier or shorter more intense workout than originally planned.  The good news is we have the opportunity to train longer and harder the next day.

Remember training should be the fun part of our day – something we look forward to.  Nothing beats making that big lift, getting the heart rate up doing a fast 400 meters.  And what can be better for lifting our spirits then a brisk 45 min walk.  Have fun out there and remember you deserve a daily training session.

Aerobic Junkies

December 28, 2012

By John, Foot Tools Owner

There is a new movement towards more intense dynamic training working towards total functional fitness; yet the number of aerobic junkies is still rising.  What is an aerobic junkie?  It is someone who spends a majority of their time training in the aerobic zone.  They enjoy LDS training which is long steady, easy conversational pace training.  Many first get involved in fitness through an activity such as running; they start increasing their mileage and add other aerobic activities such as elliptical and cycling.  They purchase log books so they can meticulously record how much running and other aerobic activities they do in a given period.  Their log books usually have a very small section devoted towards strength and flexibility training.

One of the main reasons people become aerobic junkies is a matter of time and priorities.  For example, if one is spending 7-10 hours a week on aerobic training they usually have little time or energy to work on anything else.  It is natural and easy for us to default to aerobic based training activities.

If you find yourself in or heading towards aerobic junkie mode than use the New Year to break out and discover a whole new and better world of training.  Add more dynamic functional movements to your training.  Scale down your long slow workouts and add more short intense workouts mixed with lifting and total body movements.  You will enjoy the variety and will reach a higher total fitness level in less time.  Getting fit does not have to be a job; keep your work outs fresh and tight.  Then watch the energy and passion you put into every day of your training begin to show results.

By John, Foot Tools Owner

There are more people lifting and that’s good news.  There is, however, an increase in injuries such as shoulder rotator cuff.  There are a number of contributors to these injuries, such as increasing weight too quickly, improper technique, etc. It is important to do external rotation exercises to build stable healthy shoulders. One of the best is the Cable Face Pull with External Rotation. This unique movement simultaneously targets your upper back’s scapular muscles and the rotator cuff muscles of the shoulders.  Here is a brief description on how to perform this simple exercise:

A. Attach tubing to a fixed object about face level, grab an end with each hand.
Back a few steps until you feel tension on tube, your arms are straight in front of you.

B. Flare your elbows out,bend your arms and pull the tube toward your eyes so your hands end up in line with your ears.

Pause and then reverse back to starting position.

Here is a great youtube video by Charles Poliquin, demonstrating and further describing this maneuver:

CrossFit – The new sport

December 5, 2012

By John, Foot Tools Owner

CrossFit has become one of the fastest growing world wide sports. It appeals to young athletes. The competitions consist of a variety of movements from technical movements such as clean and jerks, snatches and dead lifts to old school burpees, push ups, pull ups and squats. Athletes need to be prepared for 100 metre sprints up to 5000 metre tests of endurance. The top athletes can knock off over 30 handstand push-ups and multiple muscle ups.

The sport has numerous area competitions through out the year. This past fall there was an open competition at Centennial Park in Etobicoke. They drew 400 teams and had a gate of over $40,000. There is a lot of room for promotion. The big event is the world CrossFit games in California where athletes qualify from around the world. To qualify you must be in the top 2 of your area. Canada sends 8 open athletes to the games: 2 male and 2 female from Western Canada and 2 male and 2 female from Eastern Canada. There are masters divisions as well, usually 40+.

There are CrossFit pro athletes as prize money and endorsement packages are increasing. The top male and female champions at California picked up $200,000. Reebok is the major sponsor of CrossFit competitions, but other sponsors are stepping in; companies like Inov 8, New Balance, Nike and Saucony are designing low heel to toe shoes that suit the CrossFit movements.

In Southern Ontario many of the gyms are owned or co-owned by woman. Lacy Van Der Marel and Jay Rhodes just opened Crossfit Outlaw North in Stoney Creek, Jen Morris of Crossfit Altitude Burlington in 4th year and Ruth Sheridan and Jason Bird of Crossfit Connection Burlington are in their 5th year. Other quality Crossfit gyms in area are Crossfit Alchemy Hamilton, Crossfit North Burlington and in Oakville there are two exciting gyms Crossfit Transition and Crossfit Cordis and don’t forget Battlefield Crossfit in Stoney Creek. As you can see there are a number of new gyms offering training and opportunities to compete in this great new sport. If you like challenges and enjoy learning new techniques give CrossFit a try.


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